10 Reasons No One Told You About Releasing Weight!

10 Reasons No One Told You About Releasing Weight!
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  1. You think you lack willpower and feel willpower is your major issue.  Why ‘having more willpower is the biggest shame-based myth!  Willpower is short-term, made to last just a few days or a few weeks if you are lucky.  Attempting to “control” food off of willpower is useless and 100 percent the wrong strategy! 
  2. You think you have a food problem or are a “food addict. You think cookies, ice cream, and chips are calling out your name!  Food can’t talk!  It’s all about the meaning YOU give to food! Food is a symptom of deeper issues and never ever the REAL problem, which is why your previous diet/food strategies failed.
  3. When was the last time you updated your subconscious programs? Never? I am so sorry to hear that! Well, you see, you are “operating” as you should, based upon your life experience programs. You are just in an old non-productive trance running off of your set of automatic habitual programs. Your outdated programs are in no way, shape or form able to successfully support your weight loss.
  4. What emotional states to do you live in? What top 3 emotional states do you spend most of your day in? If you are attempting to make lasting change while spending most of your time feeling sad, depressed, defeated, angry, frustrated, guilty, not good enough, it just won’t work!. Bottom line: It is nearly impossible to attempt to make any positive change from disempowering states.  
  5. You live in your head and engaged with the lifelong lies of your negative self-talk and stories you have repeated over and over again. You can’t hear or trust your “inner nutritionist” to give your body what it needs physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.
  6. You fear or try to suppress your hunger!  You are afraid to eat because you feel like you are never going to stop!  You ignore your hunger and keep so busy so you don’t think about food 24/7!  As you guessed, when you don’t feed your body, it craves more food, so you binge and overeat even more. Forgot about stopping, feeling satiated just won’t work at this point!  Weight loss never ever happens in starvation mode, which is STRESS mode!
  7. It’s 2021, but your mind and body are living daily in the emotions from your past. You know, the ones you memorized so much, the ones you are addicted to and may not even realize it. The emotions that make you feel like a victim, feeling fearful, angry, regretful, disgust, depressed, sad, blaming everyone from your past, etc. You don’t know a way out because you’ve built your life’s identity around it. After all, who would you be?
  8. You are a slave to the scale and step on the scale DAILY. You give your power away to a number on the scale.  You gauge your emotional state off of the scale and gauge how much food you should eat or not eat causing your body to live in STRESS mode!  It’s not your fault, you don’t know the REAL truth about the scale!
  9. You think you have to lose weight to be happy. You look outside to be happy, waiting to be happy until you get a better body until you lose those last 10 pounds until you find the perfect diet. The pursuit of happiness doesn’t exist on the outside, you only find happiness on the inside. It is totally an inside job ONLY!
  10. You think your husband, spouse, partner, or family member is to blame for your overeating! Overeating of ice cream, cookies, candy, chips, and chocolate! Really? It appears that way to you, but that is far from the problem. It is actually you, it is the meaning you give to food! When you change the meaning you give to food, you take your power back and food becomes food! Fill up the fridge, you would care less once you change the meaning you give to food!

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