13 Fast Weight Loss Tricks and Tips that ACTUALLY Work!

13 Fast Weight Loss Tricks and Tips that ACTUALLY Work!
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Save the Carbs for last – Let’s be honest, do you know anyone who doesn’t love carbs? It’s hard to deprive yourself of your favorite carbs but saving them for last will help you eat less and maybe even pass upon them more often. If you eat your vegetables and meat first, you will already be full by the time you get to your carbs and will most likely eat less of them. So next time you have a craving for your favorite dinner roll, eat your dinner first and then see how you feel after. That craving may not be there once you are full.

Get your sleep – We get that you are Busy – But stop neglecting your SLEEP! We take for granted how beneficial a full, good night’s rest is for our bodies! Sleeping re-energizes us for another busy day. When we neglect our sleep, we not only have less energy but are more likely to reach for another cup of coffee or another sugary treat to give us an energy boost. Shed those extra pounds by snoozing a little earlier each night! Your body will thank you!

Drink water before each meal – Water will make you feel fuller longer. Drink a large glass of water thirty minutes before each meal. It will fill your stomach and you will eat less as a result.

Snack Smart – We all snack here and there but being prepared and smart about snacking will help you curb sudden cravings and urges to run to the vending machine for a bag of chips. Keep lots of healthy snacks on hand at all times. Many Hollywood stars have said that they always keep almonds or some sort of healthy snack in their bags for those moments when they need a quick pick me up.

Add flavor to your Water 
– The average adult should be drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day. If you are bored of plain water, kick it up a notch by adding some fresh strawberries or raspberries.  Better yet, add some Chia Seeds for extra Omega – 3′s. Chia seeds are packed full of vitamins and they help reduce food cravings, make you feel fuller faster, help with digestion, and are great for athletes.

Workout those muscles – along with cardio exercise, add some weight lifting to your workout routine. Lifting weights will help you lean up fast and you will continue to shed fat even after your workout! Weight lifting increases your metabolism and keeps it raised even after you’ve left the gym.

Keep the temperature Down – Keep your home at a Cooler Temperature, your body will have to work harder to keep warm and you will burn extra calories.

Sign up for a Running or Cycling Event – Grab your Best buds and Sign up for a Cycling Century (100 miles) or Running 3k, 5k, or if you are feeling bold, a Half Marathon. This will then Motivate each other to Train, and if can coordinate your schedules, Train Together for the Event. Having a goal to work towards will help you stay motivated. Plus putting in extra miles on the track will help you shed more pounds and get a lean and tone physique. If you are not a runner, try cycling or any long-distance sport.

Homemade is the way to go – Stock up on some healthy cookbooks or go online and create some Pinterest boards of your favorite recipes and get to cooking. Studies show that people who eat at home are leaner than those who eat out on a regular basis. Eating at home puts you in control of what goes into your food. You can make healthier choices and you can create alternatives to your favorite recipes like skipping sugar in your banana bread or using olive oil instead of butter in your favorite Italian dish. Make it fun and sign up for a local cooking class with friends! Have fun and enjoy eating healthy!

Be happy – Don’t waste your time being down in the dumps. Studies show that laughing kills more calories. Be happy and laugh out loud. You will not only look better, but you will be more enjoyable to be around. Double score!

Sit at the end of the table when eating out – If you sit at the end of the table you will not be within arms reach of everyone’s delicious food and dessert. You will be less likely to taste everyone’s food or be tempted to grab a bite.

Eat out of small plates – Grab a salad plate instead of a large dinner plate. This will help with portion control – just make sure you don’t run for seconds! If you are still hungry drink a large glass of water and wait ten minutes. Once your food settles you will feel full and no longer feel the need to go for seconds.

Brush your teeth and floss after dinner – Right after you eat dinner brush your teeth and floss. You will not want to have to brush and floss again so you will think twice about that late-night snack.

Take a before photo – It is proven that people who take before photos and refer back to them on a regular basis have more weight loss over time than those who do not. Simply put – you are staring at your overweight self constantly which keeps weight loss and healthy eating a priority in your life. Don’t avoid looking at yourself and slip into denial. Instead, face yourself and work hard to meet your goals.

Avoid liquid calories – Many people don’t think about the liquid calories they are consuming. There is a reason it is called a “beer belly.” Limit yourself to one alcoholic beverage a day if you must. Also cutting soda out completely is not only beneficial for your health but for your weight loss success. Water is the only liquid that will truly quench your thirst and won’t add inches to your waistline.

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