25 High Protein Foods That Fight Abdominal Fat

Unless you are one of the lucky few, you might be interested in shedding and burning off some belly fats. For many individuals, their abdominal area is the first place they remarkably gain weight and unfortunately, the last area they lose weight. Aside from the fact of being notable to suit or fit into your favorite pair of jeans, having a big waistline can also put you at danger for several health problems. Eating high protein foods is the effortless way to shed unwanted abdominal fat.

If you wish to become disease-free and have a flatter stomach, then a diet plan which consists of high protein food is the most essential step that will guarantee incredible results. Below is the list of high protein foods that can assist you fight abdominal fat, avoid belly bulge, and get a flatter and sexier stomach incredibly fast.

The Top 25 High Protein Foods

1. Greek Yogurt

Greek yoghurt on the table

Known to be one of the high protein foods, Greek yogurt helps boost the development of good bacteria in the stomach and can even help reduce bloating. The dissimilarity between regular yogurt and Greek yogurt is how these yogurts are processed. The Greek yogurt is filtered or strained to eliminate the liquid whey. This procedure also takes away some of the lactose sugars. Greek yogurt is considered to have less than 2/3 the fat-creating carbohydrates and sugar and has twice the protein content compared to a regular yogurt. Being one of the high protein foods, Greek yogurt also helps stabilize insulin level and since it contains a lot of protein, it will also assist you in feeling full for quite a longer period of time.

Plain Greek yogurt can sometimes have a tart taste. In order to have a healthy and tasty treat, you can mix Greek yogurt with some fresh berries, sliced almonds, and a little amount of honey, agave, or some other natural sweetener.

2. Almonds

Almonds are high protein foods that are also rich in antioxidants and fiber. Almonds assist a person to feel full longer and avoid food cravings. Almonds also contain magnesium, a type of mineral that aids muscle contractions. While almonds are known to be high protein foods, make certain that you choose unsalted or low sodium almonds. A lot of brands in the market offer flavored almonds, which are often packed with salt and sugar.

3. Avocados

This fruit are rich with mono-saturated fat that helps increase basal metabolic level. Avocados are high protein foods that have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. This fruit also has amino acid lecithin that helps in avoiding liver diseases, aids in balancing weight, and sharpens the memory. These high protein foods can be taken plain or as an addition to salads. The creamy texture of avocado makes it an excellent alternative for mayonnaise on sandwiches.

4. Apples

The old saying about these high protein foods is true. Consuming one apple per day can truly keep your doctor away. Apples have pectin that can help prevent colon cancer. Apples are also a good source of beta-carotene, vitamin C, phytosterol, dietary fiber, antioxidants, flavonoids, minerals, vitamins, and protein. These high protein foods can make a great and delicious natural dessert. All you need to do is slice the apples, place the slices on a baking container, put some cinnamon, bake the slices until they are golden brown, and serve.

5. Bananas

Bananas contain a fiber known as pectin along with some other nutrients such as vitamin A, C, E, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

These high protein foods contain around 422 milligrams of potassium that can assist limit the quantity of sodium in the body, which can result to bloating.

6. Salmon

This fish is rich with omega-3 fatty acids that promote efficient metabolism level. Omega-3 fatty acids also aid improves insulin response, making a person feel full longer. These high protein foods are low in mercury content and safer to consume than other seafood choices.

7. Casein Protein Powder

Most individuals think about body building when it comes to protein powder, but it is something anyone can use. These high protein foods contain amino acids, which aid melt away abdominal fat. Consuming high protein foods such as casein protein powder also helps a person maintain muscle mass. Casein protein powder is such a good choice as it provides amino acids in the body over a prolonged period of time.

8. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are high protein foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Along with refining your metabolism level, the omega-3 fatty acids found in flaxseeds can help prevent high rate of bone damage, which can then lead to some other health problems like osteoporosis.

9. Blackberries

High protein foods such as blueberries and strawberries have been known to provide many health benefits, but don’t overlook the health advantages that blackberry offers. These high protein foods aid in burning abdominal fat since they are high in fiber and low in calories. A cup of blackberries provides more fiber than blueberries or strawberries

10. Peanut Butter

A person may not identify peanut butter as a healthy choice, but these high protein foods can aid keep a person’s food cravings at bay by making a person feel full longer. Peanut butter also has niacin, which is essential for proper digestion. Still, peanut butter is high in fat so a person needs to limit the serving sizes. Also, make certain to purchase peanut butter that has no added sugar or any other additives as this can result to extra fat and calories.

11. Pears

Fresh pears are high protein foods, which are also high in fiber and low in calories. Pears are loaded with flavonols and catechins, two antioxidants that are considered to avoid the storage of abdominal fat.

12. Popcorn

Popcorn is a sample of whole grain and individuals who take lots of whole grains have smaller middles as compared with people who eat refined grains.

13. Cold Potatoes

If you chill potatoes, these high protein foods form something known as resistant starch crystals which are a component of fiber that prompts the production of hunger-halting hormones. These high protein foods also help the body burn more fat for energy while making much less fat available to reserve in fat cells.

14. Sunflower Seeds

Toss sunflower seeds into salads and soups, sprinkle them onto sandwich for nutty crunch, or mix these high protein foods into yogurt. Moreover, unsalted sunflower seeds are rich in monounsaturated fat that helps inhibit waist widening of overweight people.

15. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has a compound known as acetic acid, which triggers the body’s ability to incinerate fat and at the same time hinders fat storage.

16. Kale

Kale has Indole-3-carbinol that helps fight against Xenoestrogens, chemicals that can result to great belly fat storage.KAle is considered to be closer to wild cabbage than most domesticated forms. Until the end of the Middle Ages, kale was one of the most common green vegetables in all of Europe.

17. Eggs

The reason why these high protein foods can assist you in burning fat is because these help you to remain full longer, making it an excellent appetite suppressant. These high protein foods also help you upkeep and build muscle tissue, allowing you to maintain a high metabolic rate.

18. Grapefruits

These high protein foods are also a superb appetite suppressant. A recent study has shown that consuming grapefruits regularly may assist you decrease weight quicker.

19. Turmeric

This healthy spice may aid the fat burning process as it helps the gull bladder to create more bile, which is necessary in the quick digestion of fat.

20. Garlic

While these high protein foods are not to be eaten in extra for some social reasons, garlic have allicin that may assist a person to eliminate body fats along with the many other health advantages these foods provide.

21. Tofu

For those people who want to ensure that they take high protein foods to lessen abdominal fat but then again they don’t want to consume any animal products like eggs or fish, tofu makes an excellent choice. These high protein foods are in fact, produced from soy milk’s curds and can be cooked into an assortment of dishes.

22. Sour cherries

Certain high protein foods such as sour cherries are rich with anthocyanins, the antioxidants that make their dark colors have a protective effect, and can aid burn belly fat.

23. Poultry

For non-vegetarians it’s a good substitute to take lots of poultry products rather than some red meats since poultry such as chicken and ducks are high protein foods that have low carbohydrates and fat. Choose lean meat and don’t consume the skin as this is rich in fat.

24. Green Tea

There are a number of benefits to switching out sweetened drinks and coffee with green tea, whether hot or cold. Green tea, along with other high protein foods, can help upsurge metabolic rate. Moreover, the little amount of caffeine in green tea helps increase blood circulation.

25. Cheese

Cheese enhances flavor in many dishes and while it does comprise a lot of fat, it is also rich in healthy fats and protein that help burn abdominal belly fat. Due to its high calorie and fat content, these high protein foods are recommended for moderate cheese consumption.

Regular exercising and eating healthy and high protein foods are essential to getting and keeping a good physique. High fiber and high protein foods make you feel full for a longer period of time, making you less likely to crave and take unhealthy foods. So, if you wish to get a sexier and flatter stomach quickly, consume high protein foods and get on a tested and proven diet plan for increasing your metabolic rate and getting proper nutrition.

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