5 Reasons Yoga Can Help Promote Weight Loss

5 Reasons Yoga Can Help Promote Weight Loss
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People commonly attribute Yoga to weight loss. Though it can certainly help you on your weight loss journey, it’s only proven to be an effective aid in successfully losing weight when paired with other health contributing factors.

Yoga can be described as many things, but easy isn’t necessarily one of them.  In a sense, the ease and calmness of Yoga make it easier than other more traditional Weight loss routines, however, it is a form of strength training that takes dedication and a great deal of practice.  Time and persistence are needed to successfully practice Yoga on a regular basis. 

Below I’ll talk about five basic reasons why Yoga is helpful when working to lose weight:

1.     Yoga gives you a basis to work from.

Nothing has been proven to suggest that Yoga in itself promotes Weight loss alone, but it does promote a healthy lifestyle built on relaxation and body strength, thus improving your muscle strength and overall wellbeing, which in turn can help with Weight loss when paired with a healthy diet and other regular exercises.  You should seek the opinion of your healthcare provider when making a decision regarding the best Weight loss diet and routine for you.  Your healthcare provider can make a suggestion as to which Yoga workout is best for your body and your unique health concerns.

2.     Yoga can improve strength, tone and stretch.

Practicing Yoga on a regular basis allows you to stretch your muscles in a relaxed way, which releases lactic acid buildup, gaining strong flexibility.  The strength which practicing Yoga provides helps improve muscle tone and core strength.  Again, these are positive things that Yoga can provide to you which may help you when doing other forms of exercise.

3.     Yoga promotes lean muscle mass.

It’s a proven fact that muscle tissues burn up to 15 times more calories than fat.  The more lean muscle you have, the more ability your body has to burn fat.  Muscle tissues burn calories even when you’re not working out.  Having more lean muscle mass and less body fat can also promote a longer healthier life and better quality of living.

4.     Yoga and meditation go hand in hand.

One of the five principles of Yoga, meditation is an excellent way to focus your mind and relax body while achieving a greater purpose of strength.  It can help improve your concentration and to find inner tranquility.

5.     Yoga focuses on relaxation and stress relief.

The deep breathing and visualization techniques that practicing Yoga provides can lead to the reduction of daily stress.  Daily practice of Yoga promotes a healthy, stress-free lifestyle, which allows the body to burn calories easier and reduce body fat.

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