7 Foods To Avoid When Dieting

7 Foods To Avoid When Dieting
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Dieting isn’t just about losing weight, it’s really about getting healthy. These top 7 foods to avoid when dieting will lead you to better health.  If you have any interest in getting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you may know what foods to avoid already.  But we all know that avoiding unhealthy foods is a lot easier said than done.  We want these foods because they taste good, and they have been a part of our diet for years.  

These 7 foods to avoid when dieting will make a huge impaction your health and weight.  

Let’s look at the top 7 foods to avoid when dieting, and what you can replace them with. 

  1.  High Fructose Corn Syrup.  There has been a lot of information in the media lately about HFCS…basically, we all know it’s not good for us and it is found everywhere.  With HFCS you have to be diligent and read all labels before you buy and eat.  It’s up to you to avoid this food, and the best way is to eat natural products, not processed.
  2. Pasta….and any white food.  Refined flour products are prevalent in our American diet, we grew up on white bread and pasta!  They offer no nutritional value as they are stripped of anything good for you in the refining process.  Substitute brown rice for pasta and 100% whole wheat bread for white bread.  Again, it’s up to you to read labels before you buy and eat.
  3. Salt.  Yes, we need salt, but refined salt is stripped of all nutritional value. Substitute sea salt instead.
  4. Artificial Sweeteners.  You may think drinking diet soda is a good substitute for regular soda….it isn’t.  Diet drinks that contain artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, saccharin, or sucralose will not keep you think. These sweeteners are linked to obesity, but can actually make you sick.  If possible, skip the soda and drink water.  If you have to have soda, only drink those with stevia, a natural sugar substitute. 
  5. Trans-Fat and Hydrogenated Oils.  We know that these kinds of fats contribute to weight gain, but foods high in omega-6 fats have also been linked to cancer and heart disease.  Use instead of butter, olive, or coconut oil. 
  6. MSG ( Monosodium Glutamate ) Used to enhance the flavor of food, MSG is a chemical additive that can lead to heart problems and headaches. There is no need to use this, best to avoid it altogether. 
  7. Carrageenan.  This is also an additive found in organic foods, used to a thicker consistency.  Read your label and know just because it says organic it may not be the best for you.  This additive can cause inflammation. 

These 7 foods to avoid when dieting will not only accelerate your weight loss but will also increase your overall health.  You may find yourself craving these foods initially, but over time this will decrease.  

There are plenty of good foods to eat.

Once you have given your body healthy alternatives you will naturally crave healthier foods.  Remember to read your labels, some of these foods are hidden in everyday products.  By avoiding these 7 foods you will be teaching your body the right way to eat, which will lead to weight loss. 

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