8 Diet Motivation Tips To Help You Succeed

8 Diet Motivation Tips To Help You Succeed
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Are you having trouble losing weight?  Try using the following diet motivation tips to succeed.

If you have lost and regained pounds so many times you have lost count, then we have a few diet motivation tips to help you.  Sure, you have tried going on diets before.  You got rid of all of the cookies in your cupboard and refused the cake virtuously at your office party.  Then in a couple of weeks, your motivation starts to flag.  Perhaps you hit a plateau during your weight loss journey, or you get bored having steam vegetables every night for dinner, or you are tempted to eat that special dessert and decide it can’t hurt just this one time.  A couple of slip-ups and you are completely derailed, emotionally and physically.

Diet Motivation Tips

1.  Set Realistic Goals For Your Diet Success

Your first step for maintaining your motivation should happen before cutting even one calorie.  One of the best predictors of long-term success with dieting is setting the proper goal in the very beginning.  According to author Ann Kulze, if you set goals that are unattainable, like losing 30 pounds in only a couple of months, you will be setting yourself up for failure.  Instead, it’s more likely you will stay with your diet if you develop sensible eating strategies and focus on your health.  Set attainable, smaller goals, such as losing one dress size or 5 pounds, will provide you with the confidence you need to keep going.

2.  Go Slow

Dieting success involves making real changes to your lifestyle, and that isn’t something that happens overnight.  Kulze says that if you lose weight slowly, you stand a better chance of being able to keep that weight off.  People who starve themselves have much higher failure rates and get irritable.  If you cut 200 calories per day, it’s won’t even be noticeable to you, and you will lose weight and it will stay off.  Remember that the optimal amount of weight to lose is 1 to 2 pounds per week.

3.  Expect To Have Setbacks

Everybody is bound to cave in to temptation once in a while.  The single splurge isn’t what is dangerous.  It allows it to turn into an excuse and turn into a full-scale binge.

4.  Don’t Try To Be A Perfectionist

What should you do if you ate an entire pint of ice cream and it wasn’t even noon yet?  Vicki Sanders, who heads the inpatient lifestyle and weight loss program at St. Helena Hospital called Transformations, says that perfectionist thinking is what holds us back from achieving success more than just about anything else.   An indulgence of 100 calories is simply that.  However, if you perceive it as a big failure and use it as a reason for giving it up, that can turn it into a 1,000 calorie indulgence instead.  The bottom line is whenever you indulge or cave in: forget it.  Just remember that tomorrow is a healthier and new day.

5.  Use The Buddy System

Sanders says it is difficult to make major changes to your lifestyle if you are fighting against yourself.  If you can find other individuals who have similar goals that you have can vastly improve the odds that you will succeed with your diet.  Whenever your willpower or spirit flags, if you have other individuals to call on it can provide you with the necessary support that you need to keep going.  Sanders recommends that you search for individuals at an online support group, Overeaters Anonymous, or your local gym.  If you have a support group that you can call on, whether it is people from a weight loss group online or family members, it can truly make a difference for succeeding with diets.

6.  Be Patient

One of the largest diet motivation busters out there is the weight loss plateau that we all dread.  You are doing everything right, eating and exercising well, your numbers have been dropping steadily on the scale  Then all of a sudden: nothing.  Kulze says it is normal for the scale to remain stuck for several consecutive days.  She says to turn things around and congratulate yourself on all of the success you’ve made so far with your diet.  It is all part of your weight loss process.  Whenever you hit a plateau, try doing something a little bit different to give your diet a jump start.  For example, commit to walking every day to expend an added 100 calories.  Also, take an honest look to see if there are small ways that you might be backsliding with your eating.  You can get yourself back on course with a couple of minor adjustments.

7.  Reward Yourself

Dieting is a lot of hard work.  It’s always not always much fun. If you can give yourself some small rewards it can provide you with an added incentive to continue. Set small goals for yourself along the way and whenever you achieve them, give yourself a reward.  Your reward might be a warm bubble bath, new jeans, playing golf, or a massage.  According to Kulze, dieting succeed can help strengthen your resolve to keep going.

8.  Make Sure You Have A Maintenance Plan

Losing weight for many people is much easier to do than keeping the weight off.  It is very important to keep in mind that eating healthy is a lifelong goal, rather than just a short-term one.  If you have had that problem in the past, come up with a maintenance strategy before you begin.  According To Sanders, you might want to speak with an expert who can help you come up with an exercise plan or diet that works the best for you.  She says to get an appointment to see a professional for an added boost, whether it is with a trainer, counselor, or nutritionist.  An expert can help to ensure you get off to a good start and are able to maintain the healthy habits that you have established even after reaching your desired weight.

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