At the Roots of Obesity

At the Roots of Obesity
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Why are some people obese even though they’d be so much better off at a normal weight? Why don’t they just use their willpower and get rid of the fat? I’ll tell you why!

The reason for obesity is not lack of willpower. On the contrary, many overweight and obese people have lost more weight during their lives than many normal-weight people have ever weighed. They just cannot keep that weight off.

Most weight loss programs concentrate on losing fat quickly. Unfortunately, this seems to be the mainstream approach to weight loss. Lose it quickly, (and if you don’t, you’re a loser) and then you are on your own. They give little or no thought to maintaining the weight loss and fixing the underlying reasons for the weight gain in the first place.

This approach is just about as clever as replacing damaged wallpaper after a water leak from the roof and neglecting to fix the roof, the underlying cause for the damaged wallpaper. And then you get upset when it gets wet again and all your hard work to fix the wallpaper has been in vain. The roof is still leaking. So, what to do instead? Of course, do what your common sense suggests; fix whatever the issue is that is causing the problem in the first place.

And this is when things get difficult. Not with the roof, but with obesity. A human being is so complicated a structure that finding the underlying causes for anyone’s obesity is quite tricky. There probably never is just one reason. And everyone has a unique combination of reasons for obesity. We all have different lives, so the circumstances are different for everyone. There is no one solution that would fit all. And there is no guru, I’m afraid, who could tell you what you should do to change your life to lose all the extra weight and to fix the underlying reasons for obesity. You will have to do it yourself.

And don’t panic; you can do it. It just is a bunch of work, but it can be fun and exciting. You just need to start exploring and allow yourself time. I’m afraid there are no quick remedies that would give long-term results in terms of weight loss. But when you keep on working for it, you will start seeing results. Those results won’t only appear on the scale, but overall in your life.

Everyone’s underlying reason is different. Sometimes there are multiple reasons. My main reason is emotional eating caused by childhood adversities that I was unable to deal with otherwise. I consoled myself by eating and escaped bad feelings I was not able to process, by using food. I have cultivated these habits for decades now, so they stick really tight. The second reason for my obesity is a history of constant dieting, which only served to increase my weight and help me develop an eating disorder. The third reason for my obesity is that I haven’t had very good everyday life-management skills, which lead to a distorted eating rhythm and a poor diet. The fourth reason was the lack of exercise in my lifestyle.

It has been a long journey, changing my life, and I don’t have a clue how long I still need to go. It took time to even gather up enough courage to seek help. It took time and courage to admit I have a problem and that I cannot fix it on my own. It has been and still is, hard to face everything I need to go through to get my problems solved. I have had some successes as well. I am regular at the gym. I eat pretty healthily at regular intervals. I am not so scared of eating anymore. My bingeing has decreased. Yet I am not there. Every day I tell myself that I have only failed when I give up trying. All else is a journey.

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