Erectile dysfunction outlines

Erectile dysfunction
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Erectile dysfunction, otherwise called male impotence, is a medical condition. In simple words, it is a continuous incapacity to manage one’s sexual function. Males with ED have persistent problems with getting and maintaining erections. In some males, the erection occurs, but soon gets flabby and fades before the climax or even before penetration.

In other guys, erectile dysfunction is so severe that they cannot get erections at all. Every male knows – no rigidity – no good sex. Actually practically every man experiences erectile issues at some moment in his life. But if a man is stressed or has other problems and cannot get a normal erection at the moment, it does not mean that he suffers from erectile dysfunction. ED is a persistent condition with repeated failures to get or sustain erections.

Unfortunately ED cannot be completely treated. If a male has ED, he will be having it for the whole of his life. There is not complete remedy for this condition, only the life-long treatment.

More and more males all over the globe face this condition due to different reasons, one of the most serious of them being unhealthy lifestyle. This leads to various disorders causing ED.

Lots of males, who have ED, feel shame and even guilty being unable in sex. So, they try to hide the problem or even avoid discussing it with their doctors, avoid sex. Neglecting this issue makes the problem even worse. In this connection, males should first visit a doctor and learn about possible treatments, solutions and options available today. Get informed about the many effective treatments and advanced medical technologies and methods.

What is erection?

Erection is when your penis gets bigger in size, filled with blood and rigid because of being expanded. For a male it is natural to get an erection after being sexually stimulated. It is healthy for a man to get erections easily and each time he needs it. Besides, there are erections which can be called uncontrollable, they occur in the night or early morning period.

This rigid state of the penis is achieved with the help of the increased amount of blood filling it for the time necessary for sexual contact. The blood remains within the penis because of the special mechanism involving blood vessels trapping and keeping the blood inside.

The penis consists of the two separated parts called:corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum. These parts have a complex system of cells, blood vessels, nerves and tissues.
When the blood comes to the penis, the small penile blood vessels get compressed and keep the blood in the penis and making it remain rigid for the necessary time.

With sexual stimulation the blood stream to the penile organ is increased and the penis becomes larger due to this increased amount of the blood. After the climax the extra blood comes out of the penis and the organ becomes flaccid again.

Any problem getting on the way of the normal erectile process – and a male starts experiencing erectile issues. So, ED happens more than in 25 % of all the efforts to have an erection, a male should consult a doctor.

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