Fitness Tests

What are Fitness Tests?

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When you are not physically fit or you have not kept up with an exercise routine for a majority of your life, then you might not be familiar with some of the fitness terms when you do get in to it. Does the term fitness tests having you running scared because you are worried about failing? There isn’t a pass or fail when it comes to the fitness testing, but a measurement of levels of a person’s activity. A person, especially one who has not been overly active during their lifetime, should have some baseline readings done as to their abilities when it comes time to workout. They should measure where they are at and not just jump in to a program without testing their limits first.

The Purpose of Fitness Tests

The purpose of the tests isn’t to make someone feel bad about what they cannot do. The tests are used by fitness experts and trainers to come up with a workout plan or routine that will help the person to improve on all of the tested areas. Not everyone is going to be a marathon runner, but a person can knock off a few seconds from their 40 yard dash time with practice and training. A person can also improve their endurance, their strength and how much power they have when performing any type of exercise.

Fitness tests are usually conducted by a trainer. Sometimes, they will involve machinery like a treadmill or being hooked up to a computer to monitor the heart rate. The tests can be done in one day or they can be spread out over several days if you get tired easily. The purpose of the tests is to get an accurate reading of what your body can safely tolerate to exercise at. As the training continues, then the better all of the test results will be down the road.

A fitness test might also spot a problem that needs to be addressed by a doctor. There are heart conditions, breathing conditions and lots of other things a trainer can spot when a person is performing these tests. Getting a person to be healthy is the ultimate goal and there is never a timeframe on that. The journey to the process is important and the person’s health the whole time is monitored for optimum safety and consideration for their condition.

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