Get Slim With Liquid Diets

Get Slim With Liquid Diets
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A liquid diet for weight loss is yet another formula for losing weight, a major concern for many of us today. There are few people who do not want to be slim. Our society puts a lot of emphasis on the way one looks.

Being at a weight that is ideal is no mean task, all of us who have ever gone on a diet know that fact.

It requires a lot of self-control, patience, and determination on the part of the dieter. There are literally hundreds of popular diet plans that are available to us, all of them aimed at weight loss.

One such diet is the liquid diet.  As the name suggests, it is a diet plan that recommends taking liquids to control calorie intake and weight.

Get To Know The Liquid Diet

Liquid diet started as a diet that was given to people suffering from gastro intestinal problems and found it difficult to swallow or digest solid food. The liquid diet was ideal for such patients as it maintained the level of hydration and electrolytes in the body and provides it with enough calories to maintain the energy level. Liquid diet consists of liquid foods such as, soups, juices, soft food that when left un-refrigerated melt, and other such things. Now it is used to induce weight loss.

Liquid Diet Weight Loss – How it works?

Liquid diets are prescribed by nutritionists and doctors for weight loss. It does help in controlling weight as the calorie intake is carefully regulated. There are a whole load of over the counter liquid diet weight loss programs available that can help people lose some excess weight. All liquid diets have a low calorific value that is typically only about 400 – 800 per day. The low calorie intake forces the body to start burning off fat stored in the adipose tissues to maintain normal body functions. The more fat you burn the leaner you become. You can expect an initial weight loss of about 3-5 pound a week.

Are Liquid Diets Nutritious?

There have been arguments earlier that liquid diets can be deficient in certain nutrients that the body needs. The liquid weight loss diets that are available today are vastly improved and claim to contain all nutrients that the body needs including carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and other micro-nutrients. So we can assume that you are getting all that your body needs except for fat and extra calories.

Liquid Diets And Their Types

A liquid diet could be of any liquid from a lay person’s point of view. When looking through a doctor’s lens, the liquid diet can be of many different types.

Let us take a quick look at the various form of liquid diets:

  • Clear liquids are taken when following a clear liquid diet plan. These are transparent or translucent liquids that contain no solids. This diet includes liquids like, clear fruit juices, ginger ale, tonic water, vegetable broth, clear gelatin that contains no solids and clear popsicles. This is given to patients who have undergone surgery for ear, nose, throat or upper GI tract.
  • Another form of liquid diet is the full liquid diet. This consists of clear liquids as well as liquefied solids that have a smooth consistency so that they can be drunk rather than chewed. These include liquidized and strained soups, smoothies, milk shakes, fruit juices, ice-creams, jellies, milk, some cereals like cream of wheat, etc. These are prescribed to convalescents and older people.
  • For those people who are lactose intolerant, there is the lactose free liquid diet. This diet consists of liquids that do not contain any milk or milk products. It is similar to the full liquid diet except there is no milk or milk products in it. Some people may include soya, cashewnut, or coconut milk instead of milk.
  • People who suffer from the irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease, are generally advised a low fiber diet. Dietary fibers are excluded from this diet. So all foods that contain fiber are eliminated.

How Do I Start On A Liquid Weight Loss Diet?

The first obvious thing to do is to consult with your doctor before going on any diet plan. Let him decide whether it is required and how you should go about it. If not done the right way under guidance, you may end up losing your health along with your weight. Next thing to do is to gradually adjust your body to a lower calorie intake to prevent it from going into the starvation mode. Once your body is ready, then go on a liquid diet as recommended by your doctor.

Liquid Weight Loss Diet Recipes

Just drinking liquids day in and day out can be extremely boring. You can pep up your diet and make it more exciting by adding variety to your diet. You can make yourself lose weight shakes, which are low-calorie but delicious. You can also lose weight with juicing, put in a few vegetables, some citrus, and fruits, and blend it all to make yourself a delicious juice that is nutritious and low-calorie. You can try some smoothie recipes for weight loss too. There are hundreds of recipes available on the net. Look at these smoothie recipes from Dr. Oz.    Allwomenstalk also offers some great recipes for liquid diets for weight loss. Take a look at their site too.

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