Healthy Food and Healthy Dieting

Healthy Food and Healthy Dieting
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Gluten-Free Food

Gluten is a natural protein found in many foods such as rye, barley, wheat, and other kinds of grains. Gluten is composed of two proteins, making it a protein composite, glutenin and gliadin. What irks many people into replacing their regular everyday diet with a gluten-free diet is due to the latter protein component – gliadin. One good reason why gluten is avoided by many people is that it is linked by studies to autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases are diseases that cause the body’s immune system to react negatively to components naturally seen in the body. One example of this is celiac disease, an autoimmune disease that is not just a disease in itself but may also act as a catalyst to other autoimmune diseases.

Natural and Organic

1. What exactly is “Organic”?

  • There are certain standards a product has to meet in order for it to be considered organic. One standard a crop must meet is that it should have been produced with no type of pesticides whatsoever – even herbicides. Aside from this, there are other standards these crops should meet, such as:
    – No type of synthetic fertilizer must have been used during the growing of the crop.
    – The crop should be free from sewage sludge.
    – No bioengineering should have been performed on the crop.
    – The crop should have not been exposed to any form of ionizing radiation.
  • To be able to say that animal produce was organically raised, the animal should have been fed all organic feeds and should have not been given antibiotics and growth hormones. Another standard a certain animal must meet is that the animal must have been given access and have been exposed in the open.
  • In the United States of America, the United States Department of Agriculture only gives food the “Organic” label if and only if it contains a minimum of ninety-five percent organic components. Aside from this, the United States Department of Agriculture also sends an expert over to inspect the farm and make sure that both the farm and farmer have followed the Department’s requirements.

2. Does “Organic” translate to safe?

  • It depends. Technically, yes. Seeing that organic food does not come near pesticides, herbicides, sewage sludge, bioengineering, and ionizing radiation, it should be safe to consume. But is it safer than the regular, non-organic crops and produce? Probably, and the taste, the vitamins, and the minerals may be different as well.

3. Environmentally friendly

  • These pesticides, bioengineering, and ionizing radiation, can not only be dangerous for your health, but also to the environment. Thus organic food does wonders for the environment and is completely eco-friendly. So when going Organic, you also go eco-friendly.

Healthy Weight Loss Diets

1. Vegetarian Diet

  • Since gluten-free and organic food has been put into the picture, why not go all the way and go on an all veggies diet? You do not have to necessarily really go all the way. You can still eat meat. After all, meat is still essential to your diet. Meat packs lots of protein that your body needs especially your hair, nails, and bones. If you still do not think that protein is not important, know this: even blood needs protein. Vegetarians focus their diets on vegetables, and fruits come second. This is what you want to channel from the vegetarian diet – focusing on vegetables and fruits in dieting. The good thing when eating vegetables is that you could eat tons of greens and be just as filled as when you eat meat – but without packing the extra fat.

2. Vegan Diet

  • A vegan diet shares many components with the vegetarian diet. But if you are not ready to take on the vegetarian diet, then the vegan diet may not be for you as well since it is just like a vegetarian diet – just stricter, and more limited. Limited in a sense that you only get to eat vegetables and fruits and any other edible item so as long as it is not an animal byproduct. Many people consider vegan diets to be more a political and environmental view rather than a dietetic facet. But the diet nevertheless has its benefits. One of which is in losing weight. Without all that meat, and all that fruits and vegetables – you barely gain any fat. When accompanied with regular exercise and maybe even going to the gym, you lose fat immediately since in the first place you are gaining close to no fat at all.
    These two diets really top the list when dieting for weight loss. But you should not limit yourself to these choices. There are other diets you could try out. One of which is the high protein diet, a diet very apt for people looking into building their bodies.

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