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In general, your BMI (body mass index) should lie between 18.5-24.9 to be considered as normal. If your BMI lies more than that range, then beware because you are considered to be overweight and should look after whar you are eating. Being overweight and obese is not good for you health, actually, there are a lot of diseases that are linked to being obese and are life-threatening. Weight loss can really help you big time especially if you belong to overweight and obese population but you should not worry too much. You can still live longer and healthier life if you just start losing weight now. So, how can losing weight help you to become healthier than you are now?

  • Improves Memory

It has been reported that obese people tend to have impaired episodic memory which means that they easily forgets things. They have lower memory span compared to individuals who have normal BMI. Loss weight for obese people will help then expand their memory span abd prevent this memory impairment.

  • Decreases Blood Pressure

If you are overweight or obese, chances are that you have a lot of excess fats in your body. Accumulation of these excess fats allows the release of natural chemicals in the body that causes the blood pressure to increase. That explains the tendency of higher risk of high blood pressure and hypertension to obese individuals. The lesser the excess fat, the lower the blood pressure.

  • Prevents Heart Disease

One of the most common cause of heart disease is high blood pressure and high cholesterol. If you have lower blood pressure, the lower the risk of you to have this heart disease. And weight loss can really help you a lot in preventing heart disease.

  • Improves Sleeping Patterns

Excess fats in the body induces sleepiness due to hormones that’s why most of those obese people tend to sleep a lot and lie around even in the middle of the day. It also prevents sleep apnea which is very life-threatening. This sleep apnea is caused by the obstruction of airways during sleep which can lead to death. Sleep apnea mostly occurs to overweight people since their airways are easily clogged by fats that’s why most physician suggests their obese patient to lose weight and maintain normal BMI.

  • Improves Fertility

If you are one of those couples who cannot bear a child even if you’re trying for a hundred times now, try checking your BMI and weight. It has been proven that overweight individuals find it hard to conceive a baby because the excess fats hinders the process. Losing weight can help you have that baby you have been wanting.

  • It reduces the risk of depression

Depression is caused by a lot of things, may it be stress or for teens, most depression is caused by bullying. Most of overweight teens are bullied in school for their appearance which is really bad news. But in this generation, bullying is so rampant that it has become a sort of norm. Losing some weight has been proven to lessen the risk of individual especially those bullied ones. It also helps increase personality and self-confidence.

Now that you already know the different heath benefits of losing some weight, may you watch the things you are eating more carefully and try to maintain the normal BMI for your age group. Lose weight and start living healthy!

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