How to effectively diet without drugs or strenuous sports

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One thing that is very coveted by many people is to have an ideal body. Not too skinny, not too fat. However, many ways ranging from the use of drugs to do sports just to get the ideal body shape.

Recently conducted a study that may be applied by people who want the ideal body. A study reveals that do not need strenuous exercise or the use of drugs for weight loss.

According to researchers, in order to lose weight, it only needs excellent endurance, because the way of weight loss requires only activity running outdoors when the weather is cold. In addition, the researchers revealed that the activity of walking should be done after dinner.

Indeed impressed and sound strange and ridiculous. However, the researchers explain that by walking outside the house after dinner when the air temperature is heading cold spot can burn a lot of calories.

The researchers call the process of burning calories in cold temperatures under the name of non-shivering thermogenesis. As quoted by the, brown fat in the human body can be automatically activated when meeting with cold temperatures.

According, brown fat or known by another name Brown adipose tissue (BAT) is one of two types of fat contained in the body of mammals, including humans. The function of brown fat is to maintain the stability of the heat in the body of mammals.

In a test try, the researchers assisted by two volunteers. One volunteer obtain ephedrine or similar saline injection trigger brown fat in the body and the other volunteers do not get the injection.

After the process, the researchers gave the volunteers two cool clothes and told them to go to a place that has been filled with water with a temperature of 57 F. After waiting for two hours, the researchers examined the body temperature as well as brown fat in the body both.

Noted, two volunteers were receding weight. At first, they both have the same weight and only get a different treatment. In the end, the researchers concluded that the use of ephedrine does not affect the active brown fat in the body.

This is evidenced by weight loss without experiencing the volunteers that ephedrine injection. According to the researchers, drugs can not activate brown fat and burn calories, but the weather or the temperature of coolness that can activate brown fat burns calories at the same time.

However, although it has had little success concludes the study, the researchers have not dared to make it a theory. The researchers will conduct several studies again for several weeks. Want to prove it, you try to take a walk out of the house when the air temperature cools. However, it is not recommended to perform this test using only bathing suits, because in addition to you will be colder, more people will be distracted by your appearance is.

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