Lose weight fast with lemon

Lose weight fast with lemon
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Lemon belongs in Ruta graveolens L, kind of nice lemon have rather rounded fruit, fresh color, smell good, thin skin, juicy, very sour, bitter as well.

Lose weight fast with lemon properly will help you have a slender body, toned great. Citric acid in lemons help reduce many sugar absorbed from food, from that point helping you lose weight effectively. In addition a special thing, lemon is the fruit to find easily, so apply weight loss methods with lemon is an excellent for women.

Lemon contains a number of organic acids, glucoxit, vitamin C, B1, B2, PP, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron in section of a lemon and one lemon oil at skin cover. The ingredients in lemon effect stimulates secretion of stomach to feed resolution, increased gastrointestinal motility, help digestion better absorption.

Lose weight with lemon, You should know

The scientists said that lemon juice contains high acid levels which helps the body to absorb calcium from the foods you eat. Then, the calcium stored in cells. The more calcium in fat cells, the ability burn fat cells the more increase.
The following are 2 ways to lose weight with lemon is been everyone’s favorite and trust execution.

* 1st Secrect: Diluted lemon juice used as filtered water daily.

Diluted lemon juice mixed with filtered water, special should not add sugar because the sugar will lose the effectiveness of lemon. Besides, you need to associate with be go on a diet. You will still have the necessary amount of water in one day and concomitant with reducing the amount of fat from lose weight secrets of lemon.

TO Lose weight by combining lemon juice with warm water is very simple way and is popular among office workers in terms of its utility.

* 2nd Secret: Lose weight by lemon juice combine with honey.

In the honey contains around 75% sugar, remaining is a mixture of water, calcium and some acids .This particular,sugar in the honey will not cause excess fat and fat accumulation should be good to combine the lemon with honey to lose weight.

How to perform : give about 500 ml of warm water, 10-12 drops of lemon juice and 2 coffee- spoons of honey and stir well to enjoy a cup of honey lemonade done by yourself . Besides, you should be noted to combine with the patient’s regimen to see results in 7 days. Lose weight with honey mixed with lemon juice in the morning is suitable for the whole family to start a new day full of energy with the ability to focus on conscious job easier.

Note of losing weight with lemon.

  • Do not drink lemon juice with so much honey, as this is cause your blood pressure to rise and cause a negative impact to health, especially the elderly.
  • Do not drink lemon water too sour for the morning, your stomach is empty, if immediately the moment you drink a glass of water too sour that will cause higher acid content. If such frequent phenomenon will easily lead to stomach ulcers.
  • Do not drink too much at one time, but just small sips to help wash the intestine.

When perform lose weight plan with lemon, please combined with a healthy diet, and science and exercise regularly to bring the most effective weight loss.

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