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Raw foods!! Obviously, it conveys the idea about food items that are naturally grown and are not cooked. True to the maximum, raw diet includes mostly vegetarian meal course. However, there are people who even consider some animal products as unprocessed meal plan and feed on them without cooking. These also include some sea foods. In a broader yet precise way, it can be said that this type of food refers to only the naturally grown vegetarian food items. Such type of meals are neither cooked, micro waved, genetically engineered or treated with herbicides and pesticides. A large fragment of the human population residing worldwide has adopted this food habit in their life and has shifted to such diet from being permanent cooked food dependents. This change has resulted due to the benefits that a raw food diet has brought in individuals who have tried this weight loss system.

This type of low calorie diet system is said to be originated in the late 1800s. It was experienced by Maximilian Bircher-Brenner, a doctor, who cured his jaundice just by eating fresh apples and fruits. This concerned many nutritionists and they made various experiments related to the same. These experiments helped them to come to the fact that uncooked foods are multiple times rich in nutrients than normal cooked food. The calorie intake through a such meal course is almost half of what you consume through cooked food. However, our ancestors, the cave men, who fed only on such meal, gradually shifted to cooked foods. Today, when we are getting aware of what we are losing for the sake of taste, several people are getting attracted towards raw meal.

Uncooked foods, contrary to the belief, have various possibilities of diets and recipes. You can select food items that you love to eat and prepare various recipes with them. Some new low temperature food procedures advocate that it is not necessary that you completely avoid heating or cooking the raw food. About 80% of the such food items should not be heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit and must be 100% plant based foods. Rest of the food can be cooked recipes. A very less proportion of the population feeding on such meal course follow a complete uncooked food diet. Many of the raw food followers also feed on animal products, such as cheese made from fresh milk, uncooked fish, sashimi, certain kind of uncooked meat etc. Veggie diets that come under unprocessed food include seeds, nuts, leaves, fruits and other vegetables. Some grains can also be eaten as a part of such meal plan only as you cannot cook them. Get them soaked in water and have them when they germinate. Some of these seed grains like gram are really rich in protein and are very healthy for your body. Vegetable juices and herbal tea can also form a part of a such meal plan. Remember one thing that shifting to such food plan doesn’t mean that you just say no to the gas stoves. You may get some of the food items cooked at a low temperature.

Raw diets include food items that are uncooked and unprocessed. These food items mainly include fresh fruits, vegetables, juices and some sea foods. Cooked foods are low in nutrients as most of the nutrients are lost in cooking. It has been proved out of research that heating of food destroys about 85% of the nutrients in it . Moreover, cooking of food leads to the development of many toxins in it. Thus cooked food is nothing more than a hollow meal course that has least amount of nutrients and contain lots of toxic substances. Cooking of food also destroys the naturally occurring enzymes in it, which help in digestion of the food. As these enzymes are destroyed on heating, your body needs to over work and release those enzymes to assist in the proper digestion of the food. A lot of energy is also wasted in this task. Cooked food also results in weight gain. As mentioned above, cooked food have very low amount of nutrients and therefore you need to eat more to satisfy your body needs. Thus, it causes more calorie intake and lead to obesity.

Nutritional Details of a Raw Food Diet

Fat: When you are on a such course, the fat intake of your body decreases to a great extent. On the other hand, uncooked food are sources of unsaturated fats that are good for health.

Protein: Such type of diet fulfills your body’s need sufficiently. Green vegetables, seeds, beans etc., are rich in protein.

Carbohydrate: Unprocessed food provides your body with the recommended amount of carbohydrates.

Salt: Americans use more salt in their food in comparison to people from other regions. Raw meal course will surely reduce the salt intake of the individual. But still it would be under the recommended level by the government.

Fiber: Uncooked foods are good sources of fiber. Fruits, vegetables and all other fresh food are rich in fiber and are good for your health.

Potassium:Potassium is an important nutrient for the human body. It has various positive effects on your body. It decreases bone loss, reduces the risk of kidney stone, and also suppresses salt’s ability to raise the blood pressure. Banana is a fruit containing high amount of potassium.

Considering all the facts discussed above it can be said that a raw food diet is more healthy and nutritious than the cooked food we eat. If you want to lose weight and stay physically and mentally fit, shifting to a such meal course can help you in achieving this goal.

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