Safe Herbs for Weight Loss

Safe Herbs for Weight Loss
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It’s estimated that two out of every three Americans is overweight and needs to lose weight. Each year, almost half of the population decides that they need to lose weight. Some people turn to herbs to help them reduce weight and get healthier. These remedies usually reduce the appetite so a person doesn’t eat as much.

These remedies usually don’t work on their own as lifestyle changes still have to occur for a person to be success using herbs for weight loss. There still needs to be exercise along with a healthy diet for a person to lose weight successfully. Some herbs can interact with over the counter prescriptions and cause side effects or interact with drugs in a negative way. It’s important to talk to your doctor before deciding to use any herb for weight loss. Only your doctor can determine if the herb will be effective and safe for you to take.

Which Herbs Should I Take for Weight loss?

There are many herbs that you can take for weight loss such as Stevia. This herb claims to help individuals with high blood pressure, heartburn, and it claims that it curbs cravings for sweet foods. It also claims that it suppresses the appetite.

Gymnema is another herb that you can take for weight loss. Thus is a sugar as well as fat blocker. It claims that it promotes healthy blood sugar levels and that it reduces the sugar cravings in the individual that takes it.

Green tea is another herb that will burn calories and fat from your body if you drink enough of it over time. Many people take the herb Garcina Cambogia which claims that a compound in the herb which is called hydroxycitrate promotes weight loss in people that take it. Doctors claim that Garcina Cambogia has not been proven to be effective in conclusive studies.

There are also many other herbs that you can take as this list isn’t complete. Many say they curb cravings, suppress appetite, and along you to feel better while improving your health. You can purchase these herbs over the counter so you don’t need a prescription for them. You only have to take them at your discretion and according to the directions on the label. These herbs aren’t monitored by any federal agency so that is a drawback to taking them. There are still risks with herbs just like any medication that you take already.

How Can I Safely Take Weigh Loss Herbs?

There are guidelines you can follow to take herbs in a safe manner. If you take any herb and it makes you sick, see your doctor right away. You don’t want to take herbs if you’re nursing or pregnant and ensure you never gives herbs to a baby. These herbs should be used in moderation and never taken daily or in high dosages. If you take medications for any illness, consult with your doctor before you take any herbs. You should check with your doctor regardless of your current situation to ensure it is safe to take herbs, or any other medications that are over the counter.

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