Seven Simple Tricks To Lower Your Calorie Consumption

Seven Simple Tricks To Lower Your Calorie Consumption
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The recipe for weight loss is quite simple at its core. You must burn more calories than you consume. You do this by eating less and increasing exercise. However, anybody who has ever battled their weight is aware that while “eating less” may be simple, it is anything but easy. Thankfully, the tips and tricks you learn here can help ensure you eat fewer calories while training your brain to be satisfied and even enjoy your food.

Don’t Eat From The Bag

If you have a craving for a snack such as potato chips, never mindlessly graze directly from the box or bag the food comes in. A better idea is to measure out a single serving and place it in a separate bowl. That way you ensure you are only eating a single portion and you don’t mindlessly end up eating the entire container.

Give Your Fork A Break

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to view meals as just another task on your ever-growing list of things to do. However, rushing your meals often results in eating too much. Your stomach sends a signal to the brain when it is full, but it can take a few minutes to get there. Try putting down your fork in between each bite while you savor your food. Listen to your body, as it will let you know when you are done. You should stop when you feel satisfied, but not full. This is the best way to ensure you get just enough fuel without piling on the pounds.

Eat Before The Party

If you plan on attending a party or meeting friends at a restaurant where food is extra tempting, have a healthy snack at home before you head out. This ensures that when faced with a buffet of temptation or a menu full of fattening treats, you are not ravenous and can make smart choices.

Eat Several Small Meals

Many people find that eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day helps control blood sugar and hunger cravings better than 3 meals widely spread apart. It really depends on how your body reacts, so you will have to experiment whether 3, 4 or even 6 meals is right for you.

Soup Starters

When eating out at a restaurant, have a broth-based soup as your appetizer. Broth-based soups are much lower in calories than their creamy counterparts and will help temper your hunger so you don’t overindulge at the main meal.

Be Mindful When Eating

Studies have shown that eating while watching television leads to more food consumed, especially with regards to unhealthy drinks and snack foods. Don’t eat while watching television, and put away your smartphone or tablet during meals. You can post that picture of your plate after you have eaten.

Stay Hydrated

Many people make the mistake of confusing hunger with thirst, so drink lots of water throughout the day. When you think you are feeling hungry but are not sure, try having a glass of water and waiting a few minutes before reaching for the snacks. If you are only thirsty, the water will quench it and make you feel better. If you are truly hungry, the feeling will intensify. Even if you are truly hungry, drinking a glass of water before a meal will help fill your stomach so you don’t eat as much.

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