Symptoms of Psychosis

Psychosis is a mental disorder that makes a person’s thoughts and emotions to be totally out of touch with reality. The thoughts are either delusions or hallucinations. The person hears or sees things which are not there, because of this disorder. A person suffering from this disorder is dangerous to themselves and to people around them, so should be taken to hospital the moment the symptoms start showing. There are several symptoms of psychosis which you should look out for when you suspect the person is suffering from the disorder.

Delusion is one of the symptoms of psychosis. Any person suffering from the disorder will most likely show this kind of symptom. Delusion is thoughts that make you believe things that are not real. There are two types of delusions with one being paranoid delusion, which makes the person develop strong paranoia against a certain thing or phenomena, such as a car. That person will not go near any car. Another type of delusion is the delusion of grandeur, which makes the person think that they have some kind of mythical power, like a god or be a renowned person in the society such as the president.

Hallucination which is the perception of something that is non-existent to be existing. If a person is hallucinating, this is a clear indication that they are suffering from psychosis and medical help should be sought quickly. Hallucination can either be in the form of what you see, hear, touch, taste or even smell. The most common hallucination is people saying that they can see figures or shapes coming to them or they can hear people talking to them.

People suffering from psychosis will totally lack insight of their condition and their actions, but be very aware of the actions of others and judge their characters correctly. The person may be hallucinating about talking to a celebrity and doesn’t recognise it, but if you say you are talking to the president that person will tell you that you are day dreaming or you have a mental problem. This shows that the person is in a situation that they don’t understand themselves and the character or behavior they are exhibiting, but can understand what others are doing.

The person will be very confused and having very disturbing thoughts which cause stress to them. If the person is talking to you about something and, abruptly mid-sentence, they change topic to something else without realising it, then that is a symptom of psychosis. The person can also forget what they were talking about while in the middle of the sentence, hence, has to make a pause and remember what it is that they were saying. The speed of speaking, if it is too high than normal, and the person seems to be continuously talking, it is a sign that they have this disorder.

Once you have identified one or several of these symptoms, you should take the person to a medical facility to be tested by a professional. Psychosis is caused by abnormalities in the brain. Early treatment is very vital for a patient since chances of getting full recovery are higher at this time than when the disorder has persisted for some time. You should always be looking for symptoms of psychosis in people close to you. If you do so, you can take them to the hospital as early as possible if they get the disorder.

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