The Best Detox Diet

The Best Detox Diet
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You may have seen images of smoothies packed with fruits and vegetables on sponsored links across your social media newsfeed, and like us, you just pass them by. However, it cannot be stressed how much a detox diet using green smoothies for two weeks can really transform you into a leaner, fitter and healthier person.

Testimonials from those who claim to have tried the green smoothie detox diet claim to have lost as much as 10 pounds. But this detox diet does need some protein added to it. The green smoothies are excellent for getting the vitamins, minerals, iron, and fiber in the system but protein needs to come from somewhere as this is an important nutrient.

To help with the best detox diet you will need to add yoghurt to the green smoothies you consume every day during the two-week diet. Tofu is another great source of protein, and you can also get plenty of this vital nutrient in pulses (beans, peas, etc.) and pistachio nuts.

You will note that we avoided adding pork, chicken and fish to the detox diet, despite these foods being very rich in protein. There are simply too many calories and toxins to include this to the two-week green smoothie diet.

After about five days on this green smoothie detox diet you will notice waking in the morning with a fresh, clear and bright feeling. There will be less brain fog and concentration levels will be higher. If you suffer from occasional headaches, you will notice you suddenly won’t get them anymore.

Take a selfie of your eyes before you go on the green smoothie detox diet and then take another similar shot seven days later and another at the end of the two weeks. Show the three images to your friends and family and notice how the dark circles around your eyes fade. This best detox diet excludes any intake of alcohol – the main cause of periorbital dark circles and the nutrition you are getting from the daily smoothies will help you to sleep better.

Which Vegetables Should I Add to the Green Smoothie?

Kale and spinach are the tastiest smoothies you can blend together but when adding orange fruit to this mixture you will end up with a highly tasty and filling smoothie. Throw in some ginger and add blueberries for a fruitier taste to the green smoothies.

If you don’t have one already, get a nice blender from a department store. The blenders on sale today are very good and can be purchased for as little as $25 for a very good make.

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