The Truth About Squats For Weight Loss

The Truth About Squats For Weight Loss
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Do squats really help with weight loss? The simple answer is yes, they can. Squats have the ability to help people build up their muscles and lose weight a little bit faster. They do this because they work out so many different muscles in the body. This consistent muscle workout will help burn excess calories and effectively make weight loss simpler. Those who do squats can expect to receive a significant workout to their quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and other leg muscles. As they begin to build muscle in these areas, the calories burned will produce a higher weight loss number. The only thing to remember is that it is important for a physician to give the okay on a strenuous exercise like squats because they do have the potential to cause pain and other problems.

Most people who want to incorporate squats into their routine will have the same question. How many do they have to do to burn the calories needed. There are some guidelines that can help figure out an accurate number, but the simple fact is that the answer will vary. Those with more weight will burn more calories with squats, as will those who have longer and more vigorous routines. However, one can expect on  the average to burn about 150 calories with a little over 300 squats if they are done in quick intervals.

That doesn’t mean that squats are going to be the main focus of weight loss goals. In fact, squats alone would make it nearly impossible to burn the calories needed to lose weight. Losing weight is all about how many calories are taken in and how many are burned. Every pound that is lost is equal to 3500 calories. If one relied on squats alone they would have to do them for several hours a day just to burn one pound of fat from their body. That is why it is important to focus on the big picture. Calorie reduction, vigorous exercise, and an overall change in habits are needed to ensure that calories are burned and weight is lost.

If the goal is to increase muscle then the goals will be slightly different. The strength of the muscles is easily improved with squats, but it takes some work to build the bulk that one might be wanting. This means incorporating protein and resistance to help build the muscle mass.

To truly benefit and see a build-up of muscle and a reduction in weight, one will want to do more than simple squats. Interval training that blends in the squats with other types of exercise will have the best results. This will allow the person to build the mass that they want and burn excess calories. The best bet is to add in some aerobic activity as it will have the best results on weight loss.

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