The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide

The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide
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Most of us at some point in our lives wanted to lose a certain amount of weight.More or less, most of us know how hard it can be to lose weight and maintain the ideal weight.

In this article, we will discuss:

a)the common causes of weight gain;

b)how to make sure that what you do is an ideal weight loss process;

c)as well as about a little bit more extreme methods that may include consulting with a weight loss doctor or going to a weight loss clinic.

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Why do we gain weight?

There are a lot of reasons why people gain weight:

In most cases, the number one factor of gaining weight is the unhealthy and bad eating habits that we have. The frequent consumption of fast food is the reason why a lot of people even get obese at a very early age.

Eating processed foods that are full of different additives, drinks full of sugar and simply making these bad choices can lead to weight gain. Combine that with the lack of physical activity, and we end up searching for articles like this one.

Sometimes weight gain can be a symptom of other health problems. A good example is hormonal changes in our bodies. Polycystic ovarian syndrome in women is often why they are overweight even before they reach adulthood.

Gaining weight can lead to other complications.

Whatever it is that you consume for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner is then processed by your body. Part of it the body uses as a fuel or energy so the cells can run, and whatever is left and not needed is stored as fat.

Fat too is needed.

Without fat, our system wouldn’t be able to survive. However, an excessive amount of fat in your body means that you are overweight. This can cause complications with other organs in your system, take the heart as an example. It isn’t new that when being overweight, people have big risks of a heart attack. There is also diabetes, sleep apnea, and at the end of the day, there is what e see in the mirror. And we are not always happy about it.

So, what can we do to lose weight? How to get to that process of an ideal weight loss?

The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide

1. Be patient

Losing weight can be a long process. And it should be. Changes of this nature affect your health and your body’s functioning. A sudden weight loss can be a shock to your body, and it can do more damage than good.

So be patient with losing weight.

2. Count your calories

According to your current weight, you should calculate your BMI (body mass index), and see how many calories a day you should consume so you can be healthy and lose weight at the same time.

We lose weight when we burn calories, so reducing the number of calories to the optimal one for our BMI is a very important part of the process.

3. Choose your calories

There are a few ways you can consume 200 calories.

It can be a very light salad with a little bit of dressing that will keep you full for a while. Or, it can also be a can of soda.

Which option is healthier?

It is not about counting the calories only, but it is also about choosing the right calories to count. When losing weight you need the proper nutrition to give your body the energy to burn, as well as the energy to store so you can keep healthy. Which leads to the next point…

Careful with the food

4. Eliminate foods that you simply don’t need and cause you harm

Soda, chips, fries. For a while, you should cut them off.

Everything that is full of unnatural sugars and fats isn’t your friend when you’re trying to lose weight. Stick to more organic foods. Avoid eating out.

Cook your food instead of buying it processed.

5. Cook your food


You can have potatoes either fried or baked in an oven. When you cook something, choose the healthier version.

Avoid cooking in fats, and try to include fresh and unprocessed food in your diet.

6. Drink more water

You have heard this a lot of times. But you need water to keep you hydrated and healthy. It is important to stay hydrated when you’re losing weight.

7. Learn to hear what your body has to say

Do you really need ice cream right now? Are you hungry or are you just craving?  Learn to differentiate between these

Are you hungry or are you just craving?  Learn to differentiate between these

Learn to differentiate between these two and know when your body needs food and not just satisfying a craving.

8. Don’t starve yourself

Many people make this mistake.

A calorie deficit is needed to lo lose weight.

But to lose weight and stay healthy you need to burn those calories, not just simply starve yourself and lose weight. Weight loss doctor considers it’s one of the most unhealthy weight loss ways.

9. Healthy habits and choices instead of diets that will give you a horrible aftermath

There are tons of diets out there but are they effective in the long run?

Not without you changing the habits that you have when it comes to food and the way you treat your body, which is the root of healthy weight. It’s possible that you needn’t go weight loss clinic to lose weight if you have healthy habits.

And last but not least…


Exercises so important for weight loss and stays fit.


Physical activity is very important and very healthy in the process of weight loss. Exercising doesn’t just improve your physical health. It also improves your mental health. Great exercise for weight loss is cardio exercise: running, walking, swimming. Everything that activates all of your body at once and simply increases your heart rate. This will improve your metabolism. Not only that you burn calories during a cardio session, but you also burn calories even after you are finished.

Not only that you burn calories during a cardio session, but you also burn calories even after you are finished.

However, there are cases where for different reasons people can’t lose weight by themselves, and they are at a point where they need that extra push.

Consulting With Weight Loss Doctor

What does a weight loss doctor do?

Some people need medical assistance to lose weight.


Doctors weight loss or bariatrician are a medical professional whose area of expertise is weight loss.

In the past few years, weight loss doctors are more and more mentioned and needed, as more and more people struggle with gaining weight. People who struggle with obesity often find the solution and lose weight with the help of a weight loss doctor. A weight loss doctor specializes in helping you with your diet and assisting you in a healthy weight loss process.

Your physician can also give you advice on losing weight, but not as much as a weight loss doctor. Bariatricians can help you work on a weight loss plan that is tailored for your needs in particular.

Going to a weight loss clinic

While most people are able to lose weight with a good exercise and diet plan, some people struggle to do so.

A medical weight loss clinic can help people who cannot lose weight through methods that are simply less extreme. Bariatric surgeons (not to be confused with a weight loss doctor) puts the patient through the procedure of a gastric bypass operation. Simply explained, a person’s stomach is going to shrink to the size of an egg with surgically removing tissue.

This way, the person will get full faster, eat less and lose weight.

This is usually done in cases where people are extremely obese and they need to lose a certain amount of weight so they can be more mobile.


When you’re losing weight, it is important to be patient.

It is important to understand that diets won’t work in the long run. They can even give you the opposite effect one you get off the diet.

The healthiest and most effective solution to lose weight is through eating healthy food and exercising.

The combination of these two is the best way to get rid of the extra fat. Realistically you can’t just quit eating pizza or drinking a glass of wine forever. This is why you should learn moderation. You should learn how your body works and when you consume these kinds of foods, you should consume them moderately instead of every day and in big amounts.

Maintaining your body weight is easy if you change your eating habits from their core. Once you learn how to make the healthy choices then maintaining your body weight won’t be a problem at all. Cutting off everything and going on a diet, and then going back to the old ways will mean that you will gain all the weight you just lost. And this is the reasons why diets will never work unless you change the way you eat and get more physically active.

Remember to be patient with yourself. Don’t rush when you lose weight.

Don’t go for extreme diets and overwork yourself running or doing any other kind of exercise.

Remember that your body needs time to adjust to the changes.

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