The Worst Diet Plans, Ever!

The Worst Diet Plans, Ever!
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There’s no doubt that weight issues have truly helped in creating a very lucrative industry in weight loss products. A number of weight loss gurus have surfaced from all parts of the world, all of them promising to have the best answer to all people’s weight problems. From herbs to fruits, to exercise routines and tons of different meal plans, even the weirdest kind of fruit that you never thought existed claiming to be the best fat burning agent.

But if you think you’ve already seen the last of these weird weight loss solutions then you’re definitely wrong. Because aside from diet plans that never really made sense at all (one of which would have you eat only meat proteins and expect to lose weight), there are also some of the most terrible weight loss techniques that even your imagination won’t be able to take.

The Plastic Tongue Patch

It seems that the inventor of this patch may have gotten his idea from ganger sores. The idea is to sew a kind of plastic patch to the patient’s tongue to make the experience of eating something uncomfortable (and painful) that they would choose to go on a liquid diet to help them slim down.

Dr. Nikolas Chugay is the first to introduce this procedure in the United States after seeing the procedure to be commonly done in Venezuela. The procedure costs about US$2000 but it also comes with a particular exercise plan and an 800 calories daily drink.

The Tube Feeding Diet

Too busy to diet? Then this one can be the one for you. It’s the Ketogenic Enternal Nutrition (K-E diet) diet which promises to slim you down in ten days, just by taking in a mixture of carb-free liquid with protein, water and healthy fats – through a feeding tube.

The Drunkorexia Diet

This goes to those who can’t seem to keep themselves from having some serving of alcohol. Since alcohol drinks are proven to have a high caloric content, most women choose to skip meals to make some room for their alcohol intake.

The OMG Diet

This diet requires a person to skip eating breakfast and have only black coffee before heading to their exercise workout stations. A person will have to spend all morning doing exercise routines and then have a cold bath afterwards which is said to increase the fat-burning ability of the body. Another weird thing about this diet scheme – definitely no fruits and snacks and you’re only allowed to eat foods rich in protein (as in heavy servings) and any kind of carbohydrates that you can get from either a can of soda or a loaf of bread.

I know, right? But as weird as it is, believe it or not, there are people who are actually trying these things. All the things that people would do for a slimmer body!

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