Top 10 Best KETOGENIC DIET FOODS for Healthy Lifestyle

Top 10 Best KETOGENIC DIET FOODS for Healthy Lifestyle
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Are you are worried about your health and trying lots of things. But not getting results then you are at the right place. Here I will tell you the Top 10 Best Ketogenic Diet Foods.

If you are doing lots of exercises and taking lots of weight loss pills but not getting results. Here I will tell you the best ketogenic diet foods for a healthy lifestyle.

When I started losing weight, I exercised in-ground and also in the gym after doing all these workouts I usually eat up so many foods and in the end, my weight was still the same. I did not lose anything and getting stressed about why I am not losing my weight.

You know why?

Because I didn’t have any proper diet plan which obey BMR to control on calories. I am eating whatever i want without thinking about calories, fat and protein etc.

When I start to control my foods then i start loss my weight.

There is no rocket science on how ketogenic diet weight loss works. Let’s make it simple for you to understand that if you take fewer calories and burn more calories then automatically you start losing weight.

Here I tell you some best ketogenic diet foods which will help you to loss you weight .

Best Ketogenic Diet Foods List

Olive oil :  This is best source of fat and carbohydrates are very less in olive oil. This is very beneficially for your heart.

In Extra virgin olive oil find phenols which is best anti oxidants.

Eggs : This is very popular food in ketogenic diet foods list. In one egg only 1 gram carb is present. So that’s why this is very popular in keto diet.

In Egg’s yellow part cholesterol is present but after eating eggs cholesterol level is not increased.

Avocado : In 100 gram avocado only 9 gram carb is present in 9 gram carb 7 gram is fibre.

In avocado there are a lot of vitamins and minerals  present.

When we start keto diet we will loss vitamins and minerals from Keto diet foods due to which their is deficiency of  vitamins and minerals in our body. When you eat avocado it will complete all the requirements of vitamins, minerals and most important potassium in our body. This is very impressive and best ketogenic diet foods.

Cheese:  This is very healthy and delicious and almost all people like it. This makes it very popular in a people.

There are lots of cheese and in every type of cheese carbohydrates is very less in amount.

In a cheese protein and calcium presents in a good amount, once you start eating these you will feel less tired.

Meat and chicken: If you take to eat fresh meat and chicken then this is good for your health because their is less amount of carbs in these, but vitamin B is present in a good amount.

In a fresh meat and chicken their are lots of potassium , selenium, zinc like minerals are present

When you are in a keto diet journey meat and chicken fulfills the  vitamins and minerals deficiency.

This is best ketogenic diet foods ever.

Coconut oil: In coconut oil medium chain triglyceride are present which is called in short MCTs.

MCTs absorption takes place directly in a liver and in liver they are converted into ketones which are used as a source of energy on a keto diet journey.

In a specially Alzheimer disease and mental problems this is very beneficial.

Nuts and seeds:  If you are taking nuts and seeds on a regular basis then your heart problem are down, it work proper without any problem.

In nuts and seeds a carbohydrates are in less amount , but they are rich in protein.

Brazil nuts, Flaxseed, Chia seeds etc you are involve in keto diet foods.

Dark chocolate:  Chocolate are very delicious and almost all the people are happy to eat it. But you can also eat in a keto diet.

Dark chocolate means that 70% coco chocolate.

In a dark chocolate flavenols are present which control heart diseases, this is also best ketogenic diet foods example.

Bariz fruit: In all fruits,  a lot of carbohydrates are present but bariz fruit are exceptional case.

In a bariz fruit less amount of carbs are present and rich amount of fibers are present.

In these types of fruits great amount of anti oxidant are present which is very beneficial for our health.

Strawberry, cranberry, blue berry etc. are also best ketogenic diet foods.

Coffee and Tea: They contain caffeine which increase your metabolism and make you physically  fit.

So you can also add these to the ketogenic diet foods list but you have to take less sugar because in sugar there are lots of calories present which is not helpful in reducing weight.


This is the best ketogenic diet foods ever in the world which control your weight, your diabetes, your heart-related issue.

Fortunately in these include all the best supplements like vitamins and minerals etc.

You have to repeats this on a regular basis with ketogenic diet weight loss foods.

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