Top 15 lowest carb fruit list for a healthy lifestyle journey

Top 15 lowest carb fruit list for a healthy lifestyle journey
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Are you irritating to follow the boring ketogenic diet meal plan?

You want to taste some good lowest carb fruit and vegetables without disturbing your keto diet journey.

When i start keto diet journey you know my weight is around like 140 kg and I worried about my health what is happening with me in future.

Because over weight / fat is circle of disease , if you cannot identify in proper time you don’t know about their result.

You are suffering from high blood pressure, cholesterol problem, you always feel fatigue, tired and also you get the problem about breathing which is very dangerous. After knowing about these problem we suddenly follow any diet plan is not easy task.

Before starting any plan we have to know about their result if many of peoples are taking that diet plan then we trust on it.

Always know about the basic of diet plan before starting any plan. what we have to take in that diet plan. How much carb, protein, fat we take. After this what is changes in our body.

Also know about can we take vegetables or fruits etc.

Today here i give you the complete list about the lowest carb fruit which you can include in your diet without boring about you diet plan.

Don’t worry here I give some fresh and good lowest carb fruit list which are you taste without any tension.

But first of all to start this and taste some delicious fruits You know about lowest carb fruit.

What is the lowest carb fruit.

In a nature every fruit is delicious and nutrient rich . But some of them have high carb and some have lowest carb. You have to take according to you diet meal which is not harmful for your keto diet meal plan.

You even don’t know about the carb in a fruit which have a lowest carb fruit and which have a high carb fruit.

Before understanding about it you have to gain some basic knowledge / information about it.

Some basic information is showing below

Now you understand very well why keto diet is important  to see above formula. This is the true facts which are you & me using in our daily routine life.

In a keto diet foods list fruits are also include which is not harming your weight loss journey.

There are two types of fruits

  1. Lowest carb fruit.
  2.  High-carb fruit.

I give you the both type fruits information , you have to take according to your convince.

Best Lowest carb fruit list per 100 gm

  • Blackberries   4.3
  • Raspberries    5.44
  • Strawberries   5.68
  • Grapefruit      6.4
  • Lemon juice   6.6
  • Water melon   7.15
  • Cantaloupe  7.86
  • Lime juice   8.0
  • Peaches    8.04
  • Honey dew   8.29
  • Cranberries  8.37
  • Nectarines    8.85
  • Apricots   9.12
  • Cherries frozen   9.42
  • Blueberries frozen   9.47

Best High-carb fruit list per 100gm

  • Bananas  20.24
  • Figs    16.28
  • Pomegranate  14.7
  • Cherries  13.91
  • Mangoes   13.38
  • Blue berries   12.09
  • Pears   11.91
  • Pineapple   11.72
  • Kiwi   11.6
  • Golden delicious apple   11.2
  • Frozen cherries   10.58
  • Oranges   10.34
  • Clementine   10.32
  • Grapes   10.03
  • Plums  10.02

Truth about lowest carb fruit

All fruits are good but if you pick the right fruits according to your need then this is beneficial for you without skipping your keto diet journey.

Lowest carb fruit always makes smiles on your face without harming your diet journey. Fruits are not increasing your weight when you take lowest carb fruit.


In a conclusion I tells you that if you intake less carb in your body and burn more calories then you surely loose their weight and always be motivated in you life.

You can also inspire other peoples with your transformation. Your fitness, your health makes you happy.

Your body always feel energies and also your family, your friend and most importantly your parents feel proud on you.

Keep Growing and spread the love of fitness with lowest carb fruit.

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