Top 7 herbs for weight loss

Top 7 herbs for weight loss
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Most people are eating healthy and doing exercises but do not get their desired weight loss. Here are some of the herbs that you should consider in order to achieve your desired weight loss. 
1. Oregano 

This great herb aids in the loss of excess weight in the body. You can get more antioxidants in one tablespoon as compared to a cup of blueberries. Oregano is very essential in the body since it helps fight harmful bacteria and viruses in the digestive tract, which accumulate and become weight over time. This herb aids in digestion as well as decreasing constipation and bloat in the body. Furthermore, the scent of oregano triggers a hormone known as serotonin, which reduces mood swings. Therefore, oregano help avoids eating under depression or stress. Sprinkle a little oregano on your veggies, salads, lean proteins, etc. Alternatively, you can sprinkle oregano on omelets. You can take oregano oil or supplement.

2. Ginseng 

Ginseng is one of the herbs that have gained popularity in those people for want to lose weight. There are two types of ginseng- Chinese and Siberian ginseng. Both are safe and effective weight loss agents. They contain caffeine that acts as a metabolism booster and a natural stimulant. Furthermore, they boost the energy level as well as burning the fats in the body. In addition, ginseng is the best appetite suppressant. Ginseng is sold in form of supplement or tea, which can be prepared just like ordinary tea.

3. Peppermint 

Peppermint helps in reducing weight through the elimination of toxic waste and water. In addition, it is an amazing herb aid in digestion hence reducing bloat. Drinking peppermint on a daily basis can help to maintain your belly. Furthermore, peppermint is a great appetite suppressant thus accelerating weight loss. This sweet-scented herb is known to minimize stress levels. You can buy peppermint in form of tea, supplement, or fresh mint leaves.

4. Dandelion

This weed is very important for weight loss. Dandelion is one of the most effective cleansing herbs on the earth. Every part of the dandelion is edible including flowers. This herb is full of nutrients, which are perfect for liver cleansing. In addition, dandelion can alkalize the body; normalize blood sugar and clear toxins in the body. You can buy dandelion in tea form or a supplement or buy fresh dandelion.  

5. Spearmint 

Spearmint is the proven weight loss herb that significantly reduces fat in our bodies. The study shows that peppermint releases excess estrogen that leads to excess weight gain in the body. On the other hand, it enhances testosterone-a fat-burning hormone. Many users are reported to feel hormonally balanced by using this herb. This refreshing herb gives you a safe and effective way to lose excess weight in the body. You can take spearmint in form of a supplement.

6. Milk thistle 

Milk thistle is similar to dandelion since it cleanses the liver. In most cases, the liver can be burdened with toxins hence making it difficult to burn fats in the body. Therefore, the fat burning of the body is determined by how much your liver is cleansed. Milk thistle is the most effective liver cleanser hence clearing the liver of any toxins. It allows the liver to stay focused on the body’s metabolism as well as burning fats as fuel rather than storing them. You can buy milk thistle as a supplement or tea from any chemists near you.

7. Sage 

Sage is a popular herb that is used in cooking mainly because of its taste. On the other hand, sage is a great weight loss agent that you should consider. In addition, it is known to reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it is a great appetite suppressant hence a catalyst for weight loss. Adding a small amount of sage to your food will help you eat less. Eating under stress can lead to the storage of calories in form of fats due to cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a hormone secreted when we are stressed. Therefore, eating calming foods such as sage can help to eradicate the secretion of cortisol.

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