Weight Loss Motivation – 7 Tips and Ideas to Motivate You!

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Are you ready to get motivated to lose weight and keep it off for good? No more fad diets, sleezy ebooks, yo-yo dieting, and no more failed attempts to shed those pounds!

Many of us struggle with being motivated to lose weight in our 20′s – 30′s and even more-so as we hit 40 and above. We get really pumped up and start a new diet or a workout program only to find that a week or two later we run out of motivation and the pounds pack right back on. What if I told you that you CAN get motivated and stay motivated by following these easy Weight Loss Motivation Tricks?

Follow these steps and you will surely lose that Weight and Keep it off Forever!

  1. Get inspired when we are inspired, we become motivated to do something and make a change. The internet is a great resource to get inspired to lose weight and keep it off for good! Sites like Tumblr and Pinterest are full of inspirational quotes, images, and pictures of other healthy and fit people you can admire and be inspired by. Create a Pinterest board and pin your favorite quotes and images. Find a healthy role model and fit who you can print pictures of and post them on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror. Also, look to a thinner, healthier past you, dig up some old photos of yourself, and post them all over your house to remind you of what you are working towards.
  2. Have a Plan – Set Small, Attainable GoalsThe key to success is to make sure you set goals that you can achieve. When you achieve a goal you feel successful and will be motivated to set a new goal. Rather than trying to lose 50 pounds, shoot for 5 pounds for your first goal. When you lose the first 5 pounds, then set a bigger goal of 10 pounds, and so on. As you meet each goal you will not only see results, but you will be more confident in your ability to achieve them.
  3. Take out your CameraTrack your progress on Camera or using an App. If you feel comfortable, have someone take some before pictures from the front, side, and back. If you don’t have anyone to take photos for you, I’m sure you have heard of the term “selfie.” Pull out your camera and get to work! Post these pictures next to your inspirational ones and look at them daily. They remind you that you have work to do and they won’t allow you to sink deep into denial. When you want to reach for that doughnut, look at the picture of yourself and ask yourself if that doughnut is going to look good on your hips, thighs, and arms.
  4. Keep a Weight Loss JournalWrite down everything you put in your mouth as well as your daily workouts. This journal doesn’t have to be elaborate, it can simply just be bullets of what you ate and at what time, what workouts you did, and for how long. It can be kept in your phone or on a little notepad in your pocket or purse. The important thing is to simply just write it down and review it at the end of each day. This will help you make improvements for the next day and keep you on track.
  5. Do the ResearchAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than (40%) of U.S adults are obese. Being overweight has many detrimental effects on our bodies. Obesity leads to heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases that will eventually kill you. Do your research and get educated! Get online and read about obesity and its side effects. If this doesn’t convince you to lose weight, I don’t know what will!
  6. Surround yourself with people who also care about their Health and WeightIf all of your friends are overweight and you all get together and eat all day, it will be much harder to stay on track. Ask your friends to join you in your weight loss journey. Talk to your friends that are healthy and motivated and get tips and tricks from them. If you can, get a workout buddy or someone who can challenge you to meet your goals and hold you accountable.
  7. Go ShoppingDying to fit into that size 28 pair of jeans? You will so go buy them! Splurge on a nice pair of jeans or a sexy dress and keep trying it on until it fits!

Along with a Healthy, Balanced Diet and Moderate Exercise, these steps will help you stay on track and motivated for good! So what are you waiting for?! Get to work and get motivated to lose weight now!

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