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Magnesium is one of the more underappreciated minerals a person’s body needs. Most of the health discussions taking place today forget to mention just how important having the correct levels of magnesium in the body is. Magnesium is used by every organ in the body, and having low levels of magnesium can lead to some serious health problems. Thankfully, there are great magnesium supplements available and you can find them rather easily online. Here are some of the health issues that can be caused by low levels of magnesium in the body.

Lack of Energy

Low levels of magnesium in your body can cause you to feel consistently tired and weak. Obviously, this can be detrimental to work performance and interfere with your overall quality of life. If you are experiencing constant fatigue, a magnesium supplement may greatly reduce these feelings and get your energy levels back to normal.

Lack of Sleep

If you are finding it difficult to sleep at night, then a magnesium deficiency may be to blame. Studies have shown that restlessness, and in more severe cases, insomnia, are linked to low magnesium levels in the body. Without getting too scientific, certain brain functions that relax or calm the brain when trying to sleep are affected by the levels of magnesium present in this vital organ, causing it to not work properly. Again, taking a small amount of magnesium before bed will greatly improve these brain functions.

Pain and Cramping

One of the more common health issues associated with low magnesium levels is pain and cramping. People who have a lack of magnesium in their bodies can experience pain and tenderness in certain parts of their body. Painful cramps in the legs have also been linked to deficiencies in magnesium. This is because the mineral plays a vital role in both the contraction of muscles in the legs and the neurotransmitters responsible for sending signals to the muscles there.

Heart Problems

As mentioned above, magnesium plays a vital role in how the major organs in the body function. A lack of magnesium in the heart can cause high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms, and other serious heart problems. These are some of the more severe health concerns associated with magnesium and should not be taken lightly.


A lack of magnesium in the body puts a person at a significantly higher risk of developing type II diabetes. Magnesium plays an important role in the breakdown of sugars in the body. When this is not done properly, diabetes can occur, along with weight gain issues that, if not treated, can cause devastating health problems.

Simple Treatment

The best way to prevent and treat these magnesium-related health issues is to simply take a magnesium supplement. Before doing this, make sure you go to your doctor to evaluate the right amount of magnesium you should be taking, as well as any other supplements that may be beneficial to you.

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