What You Should Know Before Going On The Atkins?

What You Should Know Before Going On The Atkins?
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If you are looking for answers to the following questions: 1) Is Atkins one of the best diets to go on? 2) Can it really help you burn fat? 3) Is it safe for your total health? read the article and find out all the necessary details.

Nowadays, there are a large variety of diets you may choose from for your weight loss plan. Do all of them work? Of course, not all!

But in this article, we would like to talk about the Atkins diet- that worked best for many people.

Attention: While choosing a diet plan it is very important to take into consideration the individuality of the organism. It means if the Atkins diet has worked best for someone, it can give no or even dangerous results for others. So be very careful! 

Of course, this diet has appealed and still appeals to many people. But here come some questions:

Is the Atkins diet ideal for you?

The answer is “no”. This diet is not considered to be ideal, as it is based on meat without any fruits and starchy vegetables. So Atkins diet is no safe for your health.
Is it worth to go on this diet, if it is unhealthy?

The truth is that the Atkins diet is effective for short-term weight loss, though it is unsafe for health. Practice and a number of success stories show that this diet is effective in losing extra pounds.  

So you may try this diet only for a short time period. Otherwise, you may seriously harm your total health. As you know, proper nutrition is vital for every person.  

How can the Atkins diet be so effective for a short time period?

Your body is prepared to deal with the lack of nutrition. So when your body realizes that you don’t have enough carbohydrates to run, it produces an emergency fuel from your fat reserves known ketones.

As a result, your body begins to lose fat.

Why is Atkins diet unhealthy?

•    It may harm the kidneys. 

•    But the worst thing is you may be at increased cancer risk if you follow the diet for a long time period. And the main cause is that this diet excludes the fruits and vegetables that are vital for organisms in order to prevent or eliminate cancer.

•    The third cons is that most dieters gain back the lost weight, in many cases more than they had before going on the Atkins diet. Why does this happen? – Because your body is losing weight only through ketosis.

So never try to go on the Atkins diet for a long-term period.

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